I’m not crazy

I need a place to keep track of everything the Storyteller tells me. And this site is it.


I just like a good story, I guess. That’s what I’m telling myself, even as I write this entry. Not sure if anyone will ever see this little corner of the Internet, and maybe that’s for the best. But I’ve got to find a place to write all this down.

The deeper I dig, the deeper it goes. And my mind is too full to make sense of it all.

Getting the first book out helped. But my editor thinks I’m mad. I’m not sure I disagree with her either.

But it is what it is. I’ve got these stories to tell, and that’s what I’ll do, even if no one believes me.

Bless. I sound just like her.

I don’t know why the Storyteller found me at the White Raven, and I don’t know why she thought I’d care what she had to say. Somehow I got into this mess, and I won’t be satisfied until I understand why.

So from here on out I’ll be keeping track of what I notice about the Storyteller here. I’ll post when she does things that stand out. I’ll post notes when she tells me her wild, impossible stories. I’ll post the bits and bobs that I can glean from her crazy imagination. And maybe someday it’ll all come together to make one big picture.

I doubt it. But you never know what might happen. And I don’t care what she says; every story has to end eventually, even hers.