Culture Notes: Nibe Josharons

The Josharons are a tribe of walking, talking fox-people. They are widely considered to be the first inhabitants of Rainbow Valley. The Nibe Tribe is the oldest of the three clans.

Sketch of a Nibe Josharon

The Nibe Clan is generally regarded as leaders among their people. Some historians claim that the Nibe are the most pure-blooded of the Josharons, for their genetics have remained true to their primogenitors’ blood.

The Nibe have two tails and all the normal characteristics of a Josharon. Their fur is shades of brown, gray, black, red, golden, and white with stripes, spots, and random patterns. They walk on two legs, and the tallest among them is just over five feet.

Nibe hut

They are the everyday hardworking self-starters. Homes in Nibe villages are usually built from wood.

Males of the Nibe usually wear loose-fitting breeches that reach to their knees, allowing their long, slender ankles and feet to be free. The breeches fit snugly around their two tails, and they wear a tunic with a bright sash that typically signifies their heritage.

Females of the Nibe wear massive lengths of bright fabric wrapped around their bodies, from head to ankle. It is unseemly for females to display their tails, and they are kept wrapped close to the legs.